About us

Bristol Evidence Synthesis Group (ESG) is one of nine, UK-based, research groups commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Evidence Synthesis Programme to identify, appraise, and combine existing research to answer questions of importance to policymakers and practitioners.

Our commissioned projects cover a range of healthcare, public health and social care topics, and draw on our team’s extensive expertise in review methods, including systematic reviews, living reviews, prospective meta-analyses, realist reviews, overviews of reviews, scoping reviews, rapid reviews and ultra-rapid reviews.

The aim of Bristol ESG is to produce high-quality evidence syntheses that are relevant and useful to the end-user and appropriate to all populations to whom the findings will be generalized. To achieve this aim we work with methodological experts in evidence synthesis in Bristol, colleagues from healthcare, public health and social care, and our networks of patients, the public service users and stakeholders.